NotCoin Airdrop

NotCoin is a gaming web application running on Telegram on the TON network. Free farming of cryptocurrency coins Notcoin Token.


Farming Notcoin Token on Telegram

Step-by-step instructions for registering in the Notcoin application for further farming of Notcoin Token coins.

  1. Register in the bot using the link in the Telegram application
  2. Joining the team pool
  3. Click «Mine Con»
  4. Start by collecting your first coins by simply clicking the displayed Ton Coin icon
  5. Continue farming, double your rewards by purchasing boosters with mined coins
  6. Explore the gaming capabilities of the bot and strive to become one of the best leaders in the game
  7. Telegram premium subscribers receive 100,000 coins upon registration
  8. Follow the project news

Notcoin is a memecoin on the TON blockchain, and playing in a bot is essentially cloud mining, but with personal ratings, team leagues and gamification.


Screenshot Notcoin

Screenshot Notcoin

Screenshot Notcoin

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